About Us

the secret to our success
In 2007 I left Allen & Overy to set up my own law firm which would focus on M&A, commercial law, commercial litigation and arbitration. My goal was to provide the same consistently high quality of service as the top-tier international firms, with whom we would compete, whilst delivering services in a more personalized and flexible way. That remains our goal today.

I also had a drive to be an entrepreneur, and to create something lasting for my colleagues and clients. The decision to leave A&O was not easy for me. I was agonizing when I put my termination notice on the table. However, I knew it was the right moment and that I had to do it; without this single step, nothing would have been possible.

My decision to leave A&O in 2007 (after 14 years spent with this firm) proved to be a great success. I have never regretted it. Each time I enter my firm and look at the name ‘Woźniak Legal’ fixed to the wall, I feel pride and excitement for what we are building together.

The secret to our success? The answer is pretty simple – by doing things differently.

My main priority has always been the same; attract the right talent and develop our people. I truly believe this is the key to our success; it is the people who make a successful business, not ideas or products. I successfully recruited a group of young and talented people who were eager to adopt the values of the firm; integrity, competence, dedication and loyalty to clients are common across the firm and are the bedrock of our practice.

Due to our advocacy expertise, in addition to M&A and commercial litigation, over time we also became involved in private client matters such as restitution claims, succession, family law, citizenship issues, defamation and wealth planning for high net worth individuals, achieving great success. It was the skillful handling of the restitution case in Warsaw in 2012 that established our reputation as brilliant private client lawyers. Later, we have worked on a number of high-profile cases, ranging from the restitution of businesses confiscated by the communist government after 1945, through complex immigration issues and advising international charities.

In 2014 Woźniak Legal was joined by Piotr Drzazga, a new partner specializing in real estate, who spent with A&O 15 years. This gave our firm new energy and helped us to develop real estate practice.

In April 2016 Woźniak Legal was rated as ‘Top Tier’ by the Legal 500 as one of the two best law firms in Poland in the private client category. This was the first time that the Legal 500 had carried out research in Poland in this category, finding that “the professional Grzegorz Woźniak and efficient and knowledgeable senior associate Grzegorz Dudek are highly recommended...”. We were particularly proud of this award as it reflected the world class service which we offered to our clients.
In October 2016 we moved our offices to a new location at Śniadeckich 17, one of the most prestigious addresses in the center of Warsaw. The new location gave our firm additional drive and more possibilities to grow.
In April 2017 we were rated again as ‘Top Tier’ by the Legal 500 in private client category and also by Chambers & Partners in the HNW directory as the best law in Poland in the private wealth category.
In September 2017 at the Law Society in London we gave a talk on investing in Poland and other CEE countries. We presented the Three Seas Initiative (also knows as Intermarium) which creates for Poland a real opportunity to gear up for higher economic growth and energy independence. The seminar was a major success for our firm and put us in the pole position.

Grzegorz E. Woźniak