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our motto is: “who cares, wins!”
Grzegorz Woźniak
Woźniak Legal is a leading commercial and private client Polish law firm. We are growing and expanding in almost every area and we want to continue this trend. Our motto is “Who cares, wins!” Our goal is to provide the same consistently high quality of service as the top-tier international firms, whilst doing so in a more personalised and flexible way. During the conference at the Law Society on 5 September 2017 in London we gave a talk on investing in Poland and the other CEE countries and we outlined the firm’s plans for further international growth.
What distinguishes us from other Polish law firms is our unrivaled international focus which allows us to handle cross-border transactions and help our clients. We are part of an elite international network of law firms made up of ex-Magic Circle solicitors in the major financial centers in Europe. Cut to the same standards, we share the same values, business culture and approach to our clients’ needs. Our collective strengths enable us to offer the best solutions to a wide range of clients.
We want to continue our growth in all our practice areas, and especially in M&A, real estate, energy and dispute resolution. 2017 marks the beginning of a very promising period for Poland as well as for the entire block of countries in Central and Eastern Europe. The Three Seas Initiative (also knows as Intermarium) creates for Poland a real opportunity to gear up for higher economic growth and energy independence. We want to be a part of it. Exciting times require great lawyers and that has always been our priority: attract the right talent and develop our people. Poland is currently experiencing a new wave of foreign investments and this trend is set to continue. The anticipated deliveries of LNG to Poland from e.g. the USA could really be game-changing. A lot of action in this area is to be expected!
We also want to continue dealing with private client matters. It was the skillful handling of the restitution case in Warsaw in 2010 that established Woźniak Legal’s reputation as brilliant private client lawyers. Currently, we are ranked Tier 1 by both Chambers & The Legal 500 in this field. Given the growing importance of legal directories, top tier position in both rankings paves for us the way to the stars.
We are also aware of the current threats. The business environment is changing at a rapid pace. We are not only facing increasing uncertainty in the world economy, but also changes in global compliance regulations which has become such an important feature of the legal world. In addition to maintaining the highest quality of services, we are striving to provide our clients with a high level of convenience by applying innovative technology. We are also putting a strong emphasis on developing our online services, e.g. through Chambers Connect, in order to ensure that we position ourselves as a leader in the legal services of the future.
We have passion, genuine enthusiasm for the business and for what we’re trying to achieve together, and a real vision for the future. We strongly believe that law is a personal business and a lawyer has got to be a people’s person. In the end, it’s all about the people. Our aim is to be our clients' best legal solutions partner, providing innovative services and proactively supporting them in the pursuit of their dreams.

October 2017

Grzegorz E. Woźniak
Managing Partner
Woźniak Legal